Aakriti Sharma’s Glue Prank

Aakriti Sharma as Kullfi
Aakriti Sharma as Kullfi
Mumbai, June 15, 2018 (Akash Sharma): Have you ever pretended that your hands got stuck permanently together by applying glue on them? Well, that’s what our little Kullfi (played by Aakriti Sharma) did on the sets on her show, Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala.

This little kid has already become a household name because of her acting skills and cute looks. Recently while shooting for one of the episodes, Aakriti decided to play a prank on everyone on set. She applied glue on her hands and got everyone to do work for her. Aakriti says, “I was shooting for a scene where Amyra (played by Myra Singh) changes the bottle of oil to glue. I took it seriously and pretended that my hands are actually stuck and made everyone do all the work for me. I even applied glue on my director’s seat and he ran behind me all over the set for doing this to him,” she laughs.

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