Is all not well between reel sisters Sheena and Priyanka?

Sheena Bajaj and Priyanka Kandwal
Sheena Bajaj and Priyanka Kandwal
Mumbai, June 16, 2018 (Akash Sharma): STAR Plus’ popular show, Mariam Khan Reporting Live has been receiving rave reviews for its story-line and performances.

While the cast of the show is extremely close-knit, we hear that not all is well between Sheena Bajaj and Priyanka Kandwalwho play the roles of Meher and Mahira respectively Mariam’s older sisters in the show.

According to sources, “Sheena and Priyanka are always trying to outdo each other when it comes to their respective looks on the show. Sheena and are getting increasingly insecure about each other.The source said, “Both Sheena and Priyanka are constantly trying to outdo each other, even when it comes to their styling and make-up. Though the two were on cordial terms with each other initially, they now share a strictly professional relationship.”

Talking about the same, Priyanka said, “Sheena is not a friend and we go on set to do our work. We are cordial.” Sheena Bajaj adds, “We share a cordial and professional relationship.”
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