Kullfi in Goddess Parvati's avatar

Aakriti Sharma as Goddess Parvati
Aakriti Sharma as Goddess Parvati
Mumbai, July 10, 2018 (CityNewsAre): Child actor Aakriti Sharma who best known as Kullfi, has been winning the audiences’ hearts from day one. Aakriti has never shied away from trying something different things for the show, be it her village look, a sardar boy look, we now hear that she will donning Goddess Parvati’s look.

As per the current track on the show, everyone is preparing for Lovely’s (Anjali Anand) birthday. Kullfi will don the look of Goddess Parvati and will be singing a devotional song for everyone.

“I was given the song just one hour before the shoot and I had learn it quickly. I was very difficult but everyone helped me out. This avatar is very interesting and I am very excited to don this special devi look. I feel spiritual,” says Aakriti Sharma.

We can’t wait to see you!
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