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Dharmesh Yelande extends a helping hand to a Dance+ 4 contestant

Dharmesh Yelande
Dharmesh Yelande
Mumbai, October 15, 2018 (CityNewsAre): Dance+4 captain Dharmesh Yelande, journey to success; from being a contestant, to a choreographer and a judge, is an inspiration for everyone to follow their passion with utmost dedication and hard work!

Always the one to support the dancing talent, Dharmesh, once again did the same when he extended a helping hand to a contestant whose family could not pay the rent of their house owing to financial constraints. Dharmesh was extremely impressed by Aanchal’s amazing performance in the auditions and when he heard about her situation that her family was still supporting her dream of becoming a dancer despite not being able to have enough resources to pay their hose rent. In a bid to support the talent, he came ahead to help by paying her house rent for 3 years so that her family can have shelter! Dharmesh’s thoughtful gesture towards the contestant Aanchel who belongs to Jorhat, Assam, was to relive her from the tension and let her continue her passion for dancing rather than being affected by it.

A man of few words, Dharmesh shares ”It took me 18 years to reach where I am today, I have also gone through lots of struggles and hardships and I don’t want anybody to have the same problems. Till the time Aanchal is in Mumbai I will take care of her training so that she could fulfill her dreams.“

Extremely touched by this act of kindness by Dharmesh, Super judge Remo D’souza added, "It is because of Aanchal’s remarkable talent that prompted Dharmesh to do something like this. Work hard like this and everything will turn out fine."

Once again it was proved that Dance+4 as a platform respects talent immensely!
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