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Mouni Roy and Geeta Kapur support Dance+ 4 contestant, Feel Crew’s hard hitting Anti-Rape performance!

Mouni Roy
Mouni Roy
Mumbai, October 20, 2018 (CityNewsAre): Art has been a medium of addressing vital issues plaguing the society. And that’s what exactly happened on the stage of Dance+ where an act depicting the gruesome issue of rape, was noticed by millions in our country. A thought provoking act by an all-boys group, ‘Feel Crew’, left people in tears as they raise their voice to make the world a safe place for girls with their poignant performance.

Depicting an act on a monologue on the unsafe environment for women in the current scenario, they shook everyone after showcasing all the atrocities a girl has to go through. Leaving a strong impact with their soul stirring performance, Feel Crew left Super Judge, Remo D’Souza and Captains on the show, speechless. Taking the internet by the storm, their emotional performance struck a chord with the audience and got immense support from celebs like Mouni Roy and Geeta Kapur which was shared by Captain Punit J Pathak on his social media handles.

Television diva, Mouni Roy, who was touched by Feel Crew’s performance, says, “After watching this act, I feel like why do we chase behind ‘Beti Padhao, Beti Padhao’, when we should really be educating the men in our house how to behave and what is right or wrong. All the little boys should get the basic education, so they grow up to be responsible men who respect women. I loved this act and I am very happy that Punit J Pathak is getting such brilliant performances from his team.”

Choreographer Geeta Kapur, who has already shared Feel Crew’s performance on her social handle with the caption – ‘Pls watch.. Pls learn.. Pls understand.. Pls appreciate..’ was deeply moved by the performance. Saluting their mothers for instilling good thoughts in their sons, Geeta says, “The message Feel Crew has tried to drive through their performance is absolutely fantastic and they have depicted it beautifully too. I think the message that they have sent out through a dance, if people take them seriously, then ‘Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao’ movement should take a back seat and ‘Beton ko sikhao’ movement should be in the front foot. I salute all the mothers of Feel Crew who have given such beautiful values to their children, that they can depict such a beautiful message through their act.”
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