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I feel Sridevi should have got national award for Sadma: Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor with Remo D'Souza
Anil Kapoor with Remo D'Souza
Mumbai, December 12, 2018 (Team City News Are): An actor par excellence, late actor Sridevi, was hailed as the first female superstar of Indian cinema owing to her incredible talent and powerful characters she portrayed on the silver screen over decades.
To celebrate the cinematic journey of the veteran actor Anil Kapoor came along with Jitendra as a celebrity guest for the ‘Sridevi Tribute’ special shoot on StarPlus’s Dance+4. After watching an extremely emotional performance by a group called Feel Crew on Sridevi’s iconic movie Sadma, Anil Kapoor gave standing ovation to the group. He shared “Sridevi's versatile performances have entertained the audiences, but amidst these iconic performances, Sridevi gave us this gem named Sadma, which is still etched in everyone’s heart even today. I feel that Sridevi should have got national award for Sadma as she completely deserved it for her impeccable performance. I am surprised why she didn’t she get it that time. Her brilliant act In ‘Sadma’ will always remain unmatched! She always strived to leave no stone unturned on par with her performances. Some movies and actors live forever and Srideviji unparalleled act in Sadma is one of them!”

Her role in Sadma placed her firmly in the league of actor-superstars. She carried the film on her talented shoulders all the way to critics' and audiences hearts. Kamal Haasan's brilliant acting shone throughout the movie, but Sridevi's character outshone in every frame.
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