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I want a girl child: Vishal Aditya Singh

Vishal Singh (Tevar) with Myra Singh (Myra) and Aakriti Sharma (Kullfi)
Vishal Singh (Tevar) with Myra Singh (Myra) and Aakriti Sharma (Kullfi)
Mumbai, December 12, 2018 (Team City News Are): Actor Vishal Aditya Singh, who is seen in StarPlus’ daily Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala is playing the role of a doting father to Kullfi on the show wishes to have a daughter in real life too.

For the first time, Vishal is playing the role of a father on screen and he is feels content about it. After experiencing this on the show, he is sure that he wants a girl child in real life too. Talking about the same, he says, “Playing an on-screen father has been very fulfilling for me. My relation with Kullfi is so wonderful that I feel she is my own daughter. Now that I have experienced this on-screen I know for sure that I want a girl child and I know that I will go miles for her when the time comes.”

“My relation with Kullfi and Amrya is so pure that I feel safe and happy when I’m with them,” he adds.

Wow, now isn’t that beautiful!?
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