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Earth Day Celebrations at Sat Paul Mittal School- Culmination Day

Students participating in virtual activities
Students participating in virtual activities
Ludhiana, April 29, 2021 (News Team):
“Let’s join hands on Earth Day to make our Earth a better place to live in” with this thought, Sat Paul Mittal School campus reverberated with excitement and enthusiasm of the young Satyans of classes II-V who celebrated and created an awareness on environment thus rejoicing this occasion. The school celebrated the Earth Day with a myriad of educational and fun activities over a week-long celebration that culminated on 29th April, 2021. The students were sensitized about the importance of saving environment and the need to conserve it.

The culmination day commenced with the Welcome address. The students were reminded about their responsibilities that extend beyond their own backyards. The unprecedented challenge of COVID-19 has clearly shown how vulnerable we are in front of nature. It was highlighted that we must give back to Mother Earth what she dreams.

A Virtual Showcase of the numerous activities that took place as a part of the Earth Day celebrations across the school was organized which gave an insight into the wholesome celebrations. The school ensured 100% participation of all students in all the activities conducted in school. The talent and love of the young Satyans for our mother earth was depicted through various activities that included narrating a story in Hindi or Punjabi, dressing up as an Earth Warrior, creating a number game using Earth facts, making posters, creating Minecraft world on the topic- Pollination and dancing to the tune of ‘plastic bach na paye re.’ The activities were enjoyed by one and all.

This showcase also included a glimpse into the Workshop organised by Riddhima Karwa and the DIY Activity that had taken place on 22nd April as a part of the Earth Day Celebrations.

Bhupinder Gogia, Principal, Sat Paul Mittal School, appreciated the efforts of the students. She stressed that if a thing cannot be reduced, reused, recycled, then it should be restricted or removed from production.

The event concluded with a short video to make the human race realize the importance of the Mother Earth. Earth day challenges us to take our job seriously as caretakers of our natural environment. It inspires us to think of more than just our own sustenance - to act on behalf of this planet we share and all its inhabitants.

The students pledged to make a lifestyle change that would impact not only those within the school but also the community outside the school. Many children promised to alter their habits to help save our deteriorating environment.
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