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Khokha Cafe Announces Branch Opening in Ludhiana

Jameet Singh briefing about the dishes during launch
Jameet Singh briefing about the dishes during launch
Ludhiana, April 14, 2021 (News Team):
Khokha is an ancient North Indian word that precisely translates to ‘a small stall on the side of the street, serving authentic and appetizing local food’. Blossoming out of love for that street food, Khokha was established in the vibrant city of Chandigarh in 2017 with the motto – “Road Side Food Alag Attitude”. Starting out as a cafe business, their aim was to bring the pan-India road side specialties to consumer’s plates – whether they fancy some Amritsari chole or Kolkata rolls. The Khokha cafe in Ludhiana focuses on fusion food wherein they bring cuisines from all over the world as well as from different parts of India all at one place giving it an quirky Desi - Videshi vibe. This makes Khokha a perfect place for all age groups to come and enjoy delicacies they most look forward to.

“We wish to create a great experience for our customers under one roof in terms of taste, quality, ambience, and product basket” says Jameet Singh from Khokha Cafe, emphasizing on the fact that customers are concerned about hygiene and cleanliness when it comes to street food. Keeping this in mind, the first Khokha outlet was launched in sector 9, Chandigarh. Khokha truly understands how diverse of a country India is, hence why they aim to satisfy the taste buds of different individuals by bringing options like Amritsari Bheega Kulcha or Amritsar Mutton Tikkas or staple snacks from Kolkata like their authentic rolls, along with the famous Vada Pav or Bhurji Pav from the streets from Mumbai as well as everyone’s favorite Momos from Sikkim. Khokha’s extensive menu doesn’t just stop at Indian cuisines, it travels to destinations worldwide and brings options like Italian Thin Crust Pizzas from fresh farms and Chicken Supreme along with London-style sandwiches and authentic English Fish and Chips which are more popular with the current youth. Staying true to their name and concept, Khokha also has a selection of Chai, something that runs in the veins of every Indian. Their selection of Chai varies from Gur Chai, for individuals with a more of a sweet tooth to Truck Chai for those who are strong tea drinkers. Khokha’s Desi-Videshi concept is mostly unheard of and brings a fresh outlook on blending of tastes as well as cultures. The fact that you can order Gur Chai or Cappuccino with Amritsari Tawa Meat or Alfredo Penne Pasta, all at one place is truly unique and creates an instant buzz for devoted food lovers.

Most street side food options that run on the ‘Khokha’ concept only offer takeaway services with little to no room for seating. However, one of the things that Khokha cafe pride themselves with is the comfort of eating your favorite food without compromising on that nostalgic ‘roadside break’ feel. The interiors of this cafe are specifically designed to give Desi Videshi feels. With colorful wall art which portrays streets around the country on one side and different corners of the world on the other side, Khokha provides an eccentric experience which is accurately one of its kind. Their Desi-Videshi concept brings you best of both worlds, national or international.

The people behind khokha cafe think of their venture as a ‘food court’ concept wherein you can bring your family, friends, partners without worrying about limited food options since they offer the best choices from cuisines around the world. Taking a step further, Khokha cafe owners also have an online store with upto 35 products that co-relate to their concept. They have a selection of Pickles, Paan, Chutneys, snacks and a wide variety of nuts and seeds that come from different corners of the country. The raw ingredients for these products are mixed with Khokha’s specialty, fusion of flavors. These products being successful online, are also available to buy at their outlets so that you can take the taste of Khokha home with you.

As for their vision and future propositions, Khokha plans to extend their venture Pan-India with a brand that is spread across the country and is known for their unique concept. No more deciding a place because it’s always #DesiMeetsVideshiatKhokha.
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