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FundsIndia Launches an Exclusive Product Suite for Investors


Ludhiana, December 14, 2021 (News Team):
FundsIndia, an initiative of Wealth India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., today announced the launch of its exclusive product suite for investors. The investment suite includes the personal attention of a one-on-one relationship and a range of products such as Power SIP, Power STP, Automated Portfolio Health Check up, and Money Mitr – the friendliest Robo investment guide in India. This suite is further fueled by the Digilocker feature, which helps you create an account in a flash.

With its sights set on expanding its horizon even further, FundsIndia has upgraded and innovated the platform to cater to a larger base. To add to these big moves, the Exclusive Product Suite is designed to be a go-to product that caters to the common requirements of all investors. This will give an edge to the investors to gain access to a wide range of Mutual Funds, Cash options from the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Cash and F&O options from National Stock Exchange (NSE), MSCI - India indices, Corporate Deposits from premium companies, National Pension System (NPS) and various other investment products in one convenient online location.

Here’s a glimpse of what the product suite offers. For investors who prefer to do their own research before making any investment decision, FundsIndia’s unique Robo pal “Money Mitr” gives high-quality, personalized investment guidance for one’s goals, bringing together cutting-edge technology and human expertise. With Money Mitr, you can plan your finance for all your goals. Money Mitr gets to know you first to present you with a personalised portfolio recommendation. It is powerful, flexible and consistent. It runs on robust algorithms, which ensure picking the best mutual funds across various dimensions for one’s investment needs. It monitors portfolios, tracks, reviews the progress of the portfolios towards goals, and then recommends changes to keep one on track.

For investors who are interested in equity investments in the form of sips, there is a product designed for their investment needs. FundsIndia’s Power SIP is designed to automatically lower one’s monthly investment into equities when markets become expensive and temporarily park the remaining amount in a debt fund. Power SIP will automatically invest much more than your actual monthly investment into equities whenever the market turns cheap.

FundsIndia’s Power STP adapts the core of Power SIP into Lumpsum Investment. This plan evaluates the market conditions and deploys accordingly into equities.

To add to these products, FundsIndia has enabled the option of DigiLocker - the Future of Document Storage! Mere seconds are enough to fetch your Aadhaar from your DigiLocker. All this with just an OTP! With this upgrade, you could begin your investment even quicker. Account creation with FundsIndia has become easier than ever with this feature.

Commenting on the occasion, Girirajan Murugan, Chief Executive Officer, FundsIndia, said, “Our aim has been and always will be to empower every single Indian with a world-class investment platform that is powered by top-notch technology and also offers sophisticated investment guidance. The demand for solid financial solutions for one’s goals and dreams is perennial. This demand for innovative products deserves dynamic investment products for every unique individual and every goal. With the onset of these products, we hope to further enhance the investing experience of our customers with a diversified plethora of investment options and aim to double our customer base by 2023.Given our customer-centric approach, we seek to view every situation from the customers’ viewpoint and attempt to resolve it by safeguarding the interest of all concerned parties. We have seen numerous cases of how a single investment can transform a person’s lifestyle and raise their economic status. Therefore, we ensure that every single rupee is treated with an unbiased approach and try our best to give customers a great investment journey.”
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