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Tisva Launches Retro and Rustic Family of Lights

Tisva VIVRATO WP16009E
Tisva VIVRATO WP16009E

Ludhiana / Jalandhar / Chandigarh, November 09, 2021 (News Team):
Over the last 18 month, many new lighting trends have gathered steam, but the one that’s really made its mark is the industrial style, rustic lighting. Big statement lights in dark shades using a variety of solid materials such as wood and metal,retro-fitted tripod-style floor lamps, and open-faced-film-light, hanging pendants, are all the rage. Tisva, a premium home decorative lighting brand by Usha International, now offers all these and more – chandeliers, pendants, wall, and floor lamps, that are smart yet rustic, and will instantly add that retro feel to the space each one adorns.

VIVRATO WP16009E: Here is a decorative wall light that will bring joy to your abode with its minimalistic design enhanced by its black and wooden finish. Tisva’s top tip would be to place the Vivrato on your home’s porch, or sprucing up the outdoors of your home. The light offers dimmability, which allows users to set the mood with its warm and cozy hues.

FELIKSASWP16022E: The clean, minimalistic, and open design of the Feliks as is very calming and its corrosion-resistant body ensures longevity of life, whether it is placed indoors or outdoors. The product allows for benefits like dimmability and interchangeability of lamps.

EXTASIS WP16023E: The black, creamy white and wooden finish of this decorative wall light is sure to enhance the décor of your home with its rustic style and finish. Perfect for task lighting, this wall-light can be used for your home office, kitchen or even the patio.

ALAIRE WP14025E: The Alaire is a one-of-a-kind wall light that adds fun and delight to the décor of your home. Its avant-garde design in beautiful black and gold finish accentuates a room almost instantly. Whether turned off or switched on – its beauty is unmatchable.

EXTASIS FP16023E & TL16023E: A great option for today’s new-age consumer, the Extasis family of decorative floor and table lampsreminds one of the open-faced-film-light-style. The products are packed with features, allowing for indirect lighting, interchangeability of lamps, and also dimmability.

EXTASIS SP36010E: An extraordinary decorative pendant with three light heads and a black, cream white and wooden finish, the Extasis is the perfect solution to all your décor needs. No matter the theme of your décor, the Extasis pendant will fit in like a glove. It can be elegantly placed above your dining table, a kitchen island or even your entrance foyer.

FELIKSAS SP16010E: Here is a decorative pendant thatis modern and clean in its design. Its rustic style allows consumers to spruce up the décor of their homes when put as a set (of three) or used individually across corners of the room. The pendant comes with a dimmable LED light, along with trailing edge dimmers.

CALDURA SP12601E: The Caldurais a decorative chic chandelier that holds its own as the centerpiece. Emerging stems branch out to several light heads creating a beautiful geometric design. A brilliant statement piece, it creates a stunning abstract pattern of light when turned on. Perfect for the living or dining room, it allows for dimmability and low glare.
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