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India’s home grown brand, Maaza celebrates the act of reward-less generosity with their ‘Aam Wali Dildaari’ campaign

India’s home grown brand, Maaza celebrates the act of reward-less generosity with their ‘Aam Wali Dildaari’ campaign

Ludhiana, February 02, 2023 (News Team)
: Maaza, Coca-Cola India’s home grown mango drink, and the fastest-growing juice brand in India and South-west Asia, has unveiled its new ‘Aam Wali Dildaari, Bina Naam Wali Dildaari’ campaign. Currently, Maaza is one of the leading brands in the overall beverage category for Coca-Cola India. Further to Sprite and Thums Up entering the 1Bn USD brand club in 2022, the Company aims towards the 1Bn USD brand mark for Maaza in 2023.

The latest campaign features veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan and renowned actress Pooja Hegde, along with south-Indian superstar Nagarjuna, recently on-boarded as the new face of the brand. With this new campaign, Maaza extends its spirit of benevolence and encourages anonymous acts of kindness to spread joy and happiness. The campaign further highlights the fulfilling mango experience that brings out one’s selfless personality.

Maaza has been sharing the goodness of rich and juicy Alphonso since 1976. Believing that true generosity seeks no credit, nor any reward or fame; through its latest campaign, Maaza urges its consumers to anonymously spread joy, with acts of compassion and generosity.

Announcing the launch of the new campaign, Ajay Konale, Director Marketing, Nutrition Category, Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia said, “Maaza is a heritage Indian brand- since 1976 and has been India’s most loved mango drink for decades. The brand has become synonymous with the unparalleled taste of real mangoes and has witnessed phenomenal growth. Through our latest campaign ‘Aam Wali Dildaari, Bina Naam Wali Dildaari’, we aim to spread the message of true happiness and joy through selfless generosity, that seeks no reward or recognition. We are also humbled to have Mr. Bachchan, Ms. Pooja Hegde and Mr. Nagarjuna onboard with us to bring alive this philosophy of selfless generosity”

Maaza with its unwavering popularity in India is manufactured locally, using local ingredients, as part of Coca-Cola’s sustainable agriculture Initiative – ‘Fruit Circular Economy’. Since 2011, it has also been contributing significantly towards enhancing the socio-economic development of Indian farmers, with initiatives such as the 'Project Unnati Mango' in Andhra Pradesh and ‘Project Unnati Aamrit’ in Bhubaneswar.

The light-hearted storytelling in the TVC depicts Amitabh Bachchan/Nagarjuna as a passionate Maaza lover while Pooja Hegde is an inquisitive kind citizen who loves to take part in social service activities. The two ad films portray the spirit of Indian citizens who like to indulge in the act of generosity by contributing to society. It also highlights the message of how true generosity comes with anonymity.

Maaza has on-boarded the iconic south Indian superstar, Nagarjuna, as the new face of the brand. His persona and charisma not only reflect Maaza’s philosophy of ‘Dildaari’ but also echo its popularity as the most loved household name in India.

Pooja Hegde, Indian actress & star of the new Maaza campaign, said, “I am proud to be associated with Maaza for over a year now. The brand’s philosophy of true generosity and acts of kindness is something I personally relate to. The brand brings nostalgia and takes me back to my childhood days of enjoying fresh mangoes and sharing joyous moments with my loved ones.”

This campaign has been conceptualized by Ogilvy India as a part of OpenX from WPP. Commenting on the creative insight behind the campaign, Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India says, “This campaign brings out the beauty of anonymous generosity. The idea came from the insight on how even though culturally we are a land of generous people; we also love talking about it. But true generosity and happiness come through selfless, giving which is far sweeter. And that's what we should inculcate in our lives too. What better than having our brand ambassadors like Mr. Bachchan and Mr. Nagarjuna along with Ms. Pooja Hegde to spread this message.”

The legacy brand has played a pertinent role in all moments of celebration, festivities, and happiness of its consumers, across the country throughout the year and will continue to offer the ultimate mango experience to its consumers.

Link to the national campaign film: https://youtu.be/NBQ_PQ5tHUw
Link to the south Indian campaign film: https://youtu.be/89eEswcYJEo
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